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Why to use such name and not a different one?


Clusor in Latin means „iron-smith”. It stands for a specialty that is not connected to weapon production. In the old times, a village iron-smith was an indispensable expert on everything. He would shoe horses or forge hinges for doors and gates, axles for vehicles, farm tools. The raw material for his products was the iron supplied by specialized companies - steel mills. Iron itself was also valuable, however it was gaining the true value as an iron-smith product.


We live in an era of global village. We are united by the Internet. Company Clusor acts the contemporary role of an iron-smith. The role of material for the treatment is now acted by advanced phones, which are produced by highly specialized companies – Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others. Wired phone has been allowing people to communicate from a distance for 100 years. During the 90’s of XX century, wireless mobile telephony became popular. Nowadays technological progress produces new quality. Phone, although not stopping the voice transmission, becomes indispensable for its owner. Software producers, like Clusor, transform computers located inside the phone into a multifunctional tool - equivalent of hinges, axis and agricultural tools.

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