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About us

Clusor is a software company that specializes in mobile application development.

Company’s success depends on people, who build the company. They are all experts in their fields.


The company’s founder Zbigniew Sarata has been professionally involved in microcomputers since 1976. He started from writing, byte by byte, an assembler for the processor Intel 8080. He has been conducting his independent activity in computer industry since 1986 and he is still an active software creator.


The core staff are young programmers who use the modern object-oriented technologies and who constantly follow the novelties that appear in the world. The team consists of the following people: Krzysztof Koszelak, Rafał Adamski - Android system programmers, Krzysztof Czarnota - iOS programmer, Krzysztof Czarnota, Jakub Mielczarkowski - Winows Phone system programmers, Dariusz Zacharczuk - www applications, Aneta Łapka, Julia Zembaty - graphics, Marcin Błaszyk, Krzysztof Jarosiński  - legal assistance, Ewa Modzelewska – accounting, Aleksandra Wójcik, Kuba Perliński, Christian Förster, Uladislau Revutski, Maciej Kanert, Bartosz Jakubiak - translations.


To reach the potential buyers of its products, the company Clusor uses the services of social marketing specialists, led by Anna Charasz. Thanks to them, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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