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WP TimeQuad with four counting modules




TimeQuad is the best tool to measure time!


TimeQuad is something more than just a watch or a stopwatch. TimeQuad is a double stopwatch, but also a double timer to count events, as well it is a timer to program certain timings and the most useful support while sport training.


Ideal for cooking, running and everything where time is important!



Application has 4 modules:

  1. Double stopper with the ability to measure and record the results of split times in phone's memory. This mode will allow, for example measuring lap times of playing field circled by two athletes.
  2. Dual counter for counting events  in specified time intervals. It can be used to check how many cars and how many trucks have traveled the road in 10 minutes and to convert this amount per hour or day. It can be used to count beats per 8 seconds and convert volume per minute. The results can also be saved in phone's memory.
  3. Timer which  allows to program certain time, for example: soft-boiled eggs cooking or baking apple pie. Additional function of notebook enables you to save the full recipe for the mentioned apple pie mentioned, as an example.
  4. Training Module allows you to program and play individually any number of training plans. Plans can be created, modified and deleted. A training plan consists of any number of cycles, which in turn consist of: portion of the time needed to prepare for the exercise and a certain amount of repetitions of successive exercise phases and rest. Each cycle may apply to other exercise, have a different number of repetitions, different exercises and break periods. The last break in the cycle is removed froma training plan. The plan is linked to a text note.






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