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  1. Below you will find projects our users with their own ideas for new smartphone application. Check out the proposals and choose your favorite one. Every month, 10 people who gave their votes, win prizez - a gift certificate worth $50 for shopping at Amazon.com
  1. Voting is available only to registered and logged in users.
  1. You can view an individual project by clicking on the appropriate icon by the project in the right column.
  1. The project will open in a new window. You can jump to the next screen of the project presentation by using arrows at the top of the window
  1. In the left column, select your favorite design.
  1. Then at the bottom of the page add a slogan, which could promote your favorite application.

      7.  Out of all the voters in a given month, Clusor will choose one voter or more voters, whose slogan Clusor likes best.

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